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a special crime strategy session just wrapped up in san jose. the city council, mayor, and the police department discussed solutions to curb the recent spike in homicides and property crimes in san jose. reggie kumar has the latest. >> reporter: the bottom line is san jose's budget problems are making it extremely difficult to fight crime in this city. >> reporter: the city's homicide rate for 2012 is already at 33 this year.
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it's on track to surpass last year's total of 39. property crimes such as burglaries, larceny, and vehicle thefts are up 29%. but the outgoing chief says the violent crime rate, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault, decreased by 15%. the city says it has increased the size of the police department by 47% but had to cut 20% in staffing. chuck reed says the short-term solution to address the recent spike in homicides is to allow more overtime for officers but insists that's only a temporary fix. other prevention measures include using community and reserve officers, and he strongly encouraged residents to pass measure b, pension reform. residents have mixed reaction. >> i think the response to the recent crimes, timely,
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appropriate, and it is effective. >> i heard some people suggest that we need to increase police officers by 10% in order to keep the attrition, officers from leaving. i think that in these times, i don't think we can afford it. >> san jose has become a magnet for the criminal. and the question really concerns now, does the current police department have the ability to handle this crisis based upon the resources it has available? >> reporter: the police department is also dealing with a higher number of police officers resigning rather than retiring. tonight's meeting was just a brainstorming session, so no decision was made how to move forward. >> san jose's police chief has been on the job for less than two years and he will officially step down in january.
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another meeting tonight in east san jose discussed tactics for fighting crime. the director of the police union acknowledges there is a noticeable increase in crime >> we're seeing a level of violence we haven't seen in 15 years. any time a 7 woman is car jacked in broad daylight, it's clear the situation has deteriorated. >> it has led to police layoffs and salary cuts. chuck reed believes police are using the spike in crime to try to restore what officers have lost. >> they're trying to take advantage of the situation. that's part of the tactics that police unions use to justify a pay increase. >> the mayor adds the recent spike in crime has lessened and
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san jose remains one of the safest big cities in the nation. decision 2012. gop presidential candidate mitt romney is taking heat from all sides for his controversial comments secretly recorded and now released publicly. but he's not backing down. in those comments he suggests that half of the country's voters are moochers, and in addition, part of the video shows romney telling the audience that the israel palestinian conflict is unlikely to be resolved. >> they're committed to the destruction and elimination of israel. and there's just no say. so what you do is you move things along the best way you can. >> at 11:00, the grandson of former president jimmy cart serbehind the release of the -- carter is behind the release of
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the secret recordings. james carter the 4th says he stumbled onto the video while searching youtube. >> i do searches, regular search, just to keep up with what's being posted. just for the generic search term, romney and republican, for instance. there's a few more that i use. but it was just on one of those searches that it came up. >> kron4's theresa estacio visited the site. >> we have had double the traffic of our previous biggest day ever. >> reporter: here in mother jones, they tell kron4 that reaction to the secretly taped video of mitt romney at a fund raiser hab intense -- has been intense. >> we're estimating about 5 million. there were 2 million alone yesterday.
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people are taking it in different ways and running with it in different directions. but it's safe to say that it underlines some of the previous criticisms of the romney campaign. >> reporter: a local magazine known for its more liberal bent posted the entire 49 minute video online and plan on posting transcripts. >> that's why we released the tape, both the full tape and the highlights so that people could parse the meaning of what he's saying for themselves. that's really not our job to interpret what he's saying, but the words speak for themselves. >> reporter: the coeditors say the video surfaced about two weeks ago, and since then, they have been working to verify its authenticity. >> knowing politicians portray different personas in these intimate events than they do on the stump, we were somewhat surprised that a professional politician would say the things we hear him saying. >> reporter: on a regular day,
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they get about 2 first thousand visitors -- 250,000 visitors. and they have received care package, including several bottles of sham page for breaking the -- champagne for breaking the story. >> it was quite cool out there today, and the cooler weather is going to continue in the next couple of days want visibility not bad right now. but the fog is going to return through the overnight hours. temperatures are on the cooler side in the 50s for the most part flew the bay area right you -- through the bay area right now. it's going to be another fairly cool morning tomorrow as you head out the door. widespread fog expected. we'll see sunny skies into the afternoon, but school temperatures in the 60s and 70s. san francisco will soon provide an energy alternative to
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peg pg&e. in a $19 million deal with shell energy, the program will go into effect in the spring of 2013 and will include about 90,000 customers at first. the ratepayers selecteded for the system would -- selected for the system would have five months to opt out of the program for free. coming up, radiation contamination, and why it is a potential problem for developers of treasure island. a spectacle, the bright lights which will soon adorn the bay bridge. >> later in this broadcast, the giants heading for home moving a step closer to wrapping up the division title. and the a's trying to do the same. what was grandma's cold remedy?
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a look ahead to some of the stories making headlines tomorrow. the chicago teachers' union president says the city's students will be back in class wednesday. the teachers walked out last week over officials including how they are evaluated and job security. apple will release the new version of its mobile operation system two days before the release of the iphone 5. the new system will have facebook integration, siri for the ipad and itouch, and many other new features. alameda will be testing its emergency notification system tomorrow. an automated call will be placed to all land line numbers and cellphones which have been registered. the purpose is to determine how quickly the city can get an emergency message out to anyone in the community. >> temperatures are running below average. that will continue for a few more days.
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inform them about the potential danger. now san francisco city as well as state officials are calling for a new study of the cleanup. state officials are concerned about the plan to develop the island and build a high-rise community there. >> i think it's important to tell the folks who live here, we believe it's safe to live here where they're living, doing the things they're doing. we think the residents should feel some level of safety. it's okay to live here now. our big concerns are about future development, future areas where people are going to live and doing new things. >> kron4's gront lotus has a -- grant lotus has a closer look. >> the specific areas on treasure island that were identified as potentially having elevated radiation levels. they're outlined in orange. the largest areas are along the northwest and northeast corners
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of the island. on the northeast side, the area is a waste water treatment plant. it does border some housing though as well. and right now, a little more than 2,000 people live on treasure island. but the real concern is that planned development, almost 20,000 people set to move onto the island once the high-rise community is built. the development would encompass more than half the island and be on some of the same land where recently identified areas of potential radiation exist. we highlighted the potential development area for you here. toll takers will be phased out as a new electronic system is set to be rolled out on the golden gate bridge. testing of the new system will be begin in december and should fully take effect in february. cash won't be accepted anymore. but there are new options. the first is called pay by plate. customers set up a license plate account to automatically deduct the toll
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from their account. the second is 1-time payments that can be made online or by phone or in person. fasttrack users will not be affected. >> something special coming to the bay bridge, about 25,000 l. e. d. lights as part of a two-year art installation. the bay lights project is an $8 million plan expected to be unveiled in march of 2013, and supported by gavin newsom. the lights will operate for about seven hours per night and will be seen only from a distance. >> once again temperatures ran below average this afternoon especially in the inland valleys, only in the 70s in a number of places. although we did see 84 degrees in ant jobbing. in the north --
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antioch. ahead to tomorrow, much of the same is expected. almost a repeat of today with fog throughout the bay area in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon, and temperatures in the 60s and 70s. the same goes for thursday. on friday, we're going to get a reverse movement in the wind, and that will clear out the fog a little bit and warm temperatures back up several degrees. 71 in san jose, 75 in los gatos. for the inland valleys, 70s, but 80s in places like antioch. 65 in hayward. along the coastline, another chilly day. in the upper 50s, low 60s. in the north bay, temperatures running in the 70s tomorrow arch. a look at -- tomorrow afternoon. cooler weather will prevail
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offer the next several days. into the weekend, a disturbance is expected to move over the bay area. it should bring us more cloud cover and cooler weather on friday, short-lived. a burglar thought nobody was watching as he stole items from a home in red wood city. >> how much how easy it is for a burglary suspect to get in and steal from a house on lion street. he walks in through an unlocked sliding glass door in the back. it starts when the suspect rings the front doorbell and waits to see if anyone is home. several cameras are taping his every move. when no one answers, the suspect undoes the gate and walked around to the back of the house. he is described as 16-21 years old,
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5'8" with black hair and brown eyes. criminals are looking for houses where no one is home and also for unlocked windows and toors so they don't -- doors so hay don't break anything and alert the neighbors. once the suspect lets himself in, he steals jewelry and electronics. if you've seen this man, contact police. >> the giants battle the rockies while the a's take on the tigers. highlights of both games straight ahead. and a vocal leader has emerged on the 49ers team. [ chirps ]
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no stopping the giants on their way to the divisional title. here comes tim lincecum. he worked 6 and 1/3 shutout innings tonight. brandon crawford continues to help all the pitchers with his play at shortstop. 2-0 giants in the 6th. crawford nails the runner, ouch! dexter fowler in the right -- right in the helmet. he's fine. xavier nady bounced around a little bit, maybe found a home here with the giants. the giants have a 3-0 lead.
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hunter pence scores. lincecum pulled in favor of jeremy affeldt. giants win 6-3. magic number down to 7. here comes tim lincecum ! all of a sudden, he's finding his game. tough start to the a's important 10-game road trip. no. 1 in detroit, and they send aj griffin off to a 6-0 start, best start ever by an a's starting pitcher, and miguel cabrera's big night is rolling! and this is the 3rd inning. 39th home run, 3-1 tigers. griffin, 4 and 2/3, 8 runs, 5 runs. and here is the man one more time. his manager says is the american league's mvp. cabrera, a grand slam. he has 40 home runs, 6 rbis on the
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game, 12-2 tigers. right now the a's stay 1 game up on baltimore. the orioles in the 13th inning as we speak, tied up in seattle. his dad was the found and he carried on the historic torch for nfl films. steve sabol passed away today. he was 69 years of age. his father, ed, in 1964 founded some of the great highlights. he said with my little camera, i can make the game look real special. and his steve followed in his dad's footsteps. and any time you watch espn, any of the broadcast, all the slow-mo stuff, all taken from nfl films. steve sabol passes away at the age of 69. michael crabtree is busting out! randy moss is sitting
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back. manningham is sitting back, and they're letting crabtree do his possessions thing. crabtree on this, his 25th birthday -- actually it was this past friday, doesn't do a lot of talking. but now, hey! it's harbaugh. major praise. of course, harbaugh love s everybody. including crabtree. >> great in the locker room, smart, great study habits, tough, has talent, can do it when the chips are down, can suck it up and get the job done for you, and that's -- he's a football player. >> let's take a peek. a former 49er could be joining the raiders. andre carter. former no. 1 draft choice of the 49ers.
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renaldo is going to score the winningly goal. madrid, 3-2 victory over manchester city.
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